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The new 2013 Worth BJ Fulk Mayhem is by far one of the better looking paint jobs we have seen on an ASA softball bat. Worth’s new Fulk Mayhem is ASA only, so you cannot use it in your USSSA leagues. At least the bright orange lettering and cap will get noticed from the outfield, right?


2013 Worth Bj Fulk Mayhem ASA only


For some reason, BJ Fulk Mayhems have always been a little cheaper than the Jeff Hall versions. We aren’t really quite sure why this is, as both seem to be very similar in construction and performance. The Jeff Hall’s are supposed to have slightly more endload, but from what we’ve been told by our sources at World’s Hottest Bats, this usually isn’t the case. Although these new Worth bats are “high performance series”, ASA still restricts the amount of endload that can be added to a bat. Therefore, both the Hall’s and Fulk’s seem to have the exact same endload.

We could go on and on about the various special technologies that Worth claims to have used in the manufacturing of this ASA-only softball bat (“High Modulus Fiber Technology”), but most players realize this is just marketing jargon. What really matters is how a bat hits, right? Players don’t (or shouldn’t, at least) purchase bats because of some lofty-sounding tech slogan. The 2013 Mayhem BJ Fulk has been getting mixed reviews so far. Some love it, while some aren’t so sure. One recurring review we’ve seen is that the sweet spot is a little small, but very rewarding when you connect. Comment and let us know your thoughts.


Reader Reviews

“Smaller sweet spot than other bats, but it does seem to expand as you break the bat in. Recommend bat rolling.”

-Hank in Albuquerque, NM

“I agree with other readers about the Fulk’s small sweet spot. Just gotta take a ton of swings in batting practice and get used to finding the sweet spot.”

-Ryan in Georgia

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Worth fans rejoice! The Worth Legit series is back, and the Jell Hall ASA only softball bat is among them. From all appearances, the new Legit bats are constructed on the same platform as the Mutants/Triads. The major bat companies all have 2 piece bats now, although Worth two-piece bats do not usually flex as much as others (like the Easton Stealth line or the DeMarini Juggernaut/J2/J3 series).

2013 Worth Legit Jeff Hall ASA Softball Bat


Still, even minimal flex will make a difference. There also seems to be evidence that two-piece bats last longer than one-piece. The reason for this is that the handle flex absorbs a lot of the impact from each hit, taking stress off the barrel of the bat. Furthermore, bats like the Worth Legit Jeff Hall ASA will begin to flex more as the bat breaks-in. In other words, the connection point between the two parts of the bat can become more flexible, just like the actual barrel of the bat. There is no word yet on whether these have the “telescoping” issue like the Mutants have had. Telescoping is when the handle comes loose from the barrel and literally slides inside of it.

The Legit Jeff Hall is a balanced bat, which means minimal endload. Although they are advertised as having an “ultra-thin handle”, nothing could be further from the truth. The handles on this ASA-only bat are very thick compared to other bats. Some players enjoy this, as they feel they get a better grip on the larger handle, but of course it’s always a matter of preference. The Worth Legit series also features a cap we haven’t seen yet- it may just be an aesthetic difference but who doesn’t enjoy a good looking bat?


Reader Reviews

“I really like the sound and feel of this bat. Ball comes off solid. The flat paint job really grabs the ball, as I’ve hit more knuckle balls with the Legit bat than ever before.”

-Thomas in South Carolina

“I’m a fan of the Mutants/Triads and this Jeff Hall bat is right up there with them. Plus, it just looks great!”

-Scott in Honolulu, Hawaii

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2013 Worth 454 Mutant ASA Softball Bat

The original Mutants were among the more popular ASA bats, and have still held their value (used original Mutants still go for $250-300). Worth released the 454 Mutant last year and painted it with very similar colors (red/yellow) to the original “Ronald McDonald” bat. While the 454 Mutants have to adhere to a higher standard than the originals, we think they come pretty damn close. The 2013 Worth 454 Mutant ASA softball bat is most likely a repaint of the red/yellow 454 Mutant. Bat companies do this on a regular basis to make it look like a “new” bat when really its the same one from the year before. If you’re anything like us, though, you like having the latest greatest. Plus, the black/grey paint job on this 454 Mutant for 2013 is great looking.

2013 worth 454 mutant asa

For those unfamiliar with how two-piece technology works, the bat is made with the handle and the barrel being two separate pieces. They are connection by a coupling, which allows the barrel to flex away from the handle piece when the ball is struck. The barrel then snaps back into place, launching the ball forward. The Mutants are not as flexible as other two-piece bats on the market (like the Easton Stealth and DeMarini Juggernaut J2/J3), but the effect is still noticeable. Two-piece bats are also known for hitting lower compression balls (mush balls) better, because the handle flex makes up for the loss in power.

2013 worth 454 mutant asa softball bat

One issue the original Worth Mutants had was called “telescoping”. This is when the coupling glue breaks down, allowing the handle to slide all the way inside the barrel. So far, it appears that Worth has fixed this with the 2012 and 2013 454 Mutants, but only time will tell. Telescoping doesn’t usually happen until the bat has had at least several thousand hits, so it’s possible the 454 Mutants just haven’t been used enough to be able to tell yet.


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