Miken Recoil 750X ASA Softball Bat Review

It’s been about 10 years since Miken released the original Recoil, which grew to be a great success among softball players. They have slapped the name on a bat once again- the new 2013 Miken Recoil 750X is now available across the country. This bat, like many others, is only approved for ASA. So, the obvious question everyone wants to an answer to:  Is the new Recoil 750X as good as the original?

Miken Recoil 750X ASA Softball Bat


To put it simply, the new Recoil is better. Much better. The originals were very thick-walled and took “fooooorever” to break in. We aren’t exaggerating- many players felt like their OG’s took a minimum of 5,000 hits to reach full potential. Because the new 750X is made to the new ASA specifications, it has almost half the wall-thickness that the original had. And while the 750 still requires a break-in process, it is nowhere near as long. Other Recoil 750X reviews across the internet have confirmed this as well.

Another pro is the price: brand new in wrapper Recoils are going for $189.00. Click here to find them on Amazon.

There has been no news yet on whether Miken will release a Maxload version, but it wouldn’t surprise us. Endloaded bats are becoming more and more popular as softball players are beginning to realize how much endload affects the distance factor. Balanced bats may be great for base-hitters, but endload can turn a 250 ft. fly-out into a triple or home run. Our guess is the Recoil 750X Maxload will be unveiled before the end of summer.

Reader Reviews

“This bat breaks in SO much quicker than the original. Not sure if it will last as long, but I’m glad I went with the 750X.”

-Rocky from Tacoma, Washington

“I know they just used the Recoil name and this bat probably has nothing to do with the original, but it’s a solid bat nonetheless. And for the price, you can’t beat it.”

-Terrance from Tempe, AZ

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